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If you are looking for a home away from home and close to nature, just walk in here. You can get
both, an incredible and relaxing experience while you are on a holiday. Take
a closer look into the rooms we offer and pick the one for you.

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Pick any of our hotel rooms to experience the delightful decor, complemented with natural amenities for a comfortable stay.

Dome Suite

We offer a Dome suite, an architecture marvel in Indreni Mushroom Resort. It is specially designed to provide modern facilities using traditional building material. It is made up of local clay and is engineered in such a way that it provides cooler atmosphere in hitter days and warm in colder days. You will enjoy your stay at a dome house.

Safari Tent

This one is for group accommodation who want to stay in Tent to have different experience. This is very comfortable can accommodate up to 6 person. It is suitable in every weather condition. Having fun in group while staying at tent will make your trip memorable.

Couple Tent

This classy tents are to facilitate couple guests. This may be your next adventure to go to a nearby nature staying at tent and enjoying campfire. We make your dream come true at Indreni Mushroom Resort.

Standard Deluxe Room

We offer a deluxe room for our guest. Our rooms are neat and clean and well sanitized. Bathroom is in shared basis.

Super Deluxe Room

This is the second-highest ranked room in our hotel that offers luxury with the private attached bathroom also you can have a private campfire.

Cottage Room

Cottage room provides you a comfortable stay and brings you close to nature.

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