About Us

Indreni Mushroom Resort is not just an another resort, We have so much to offer within our boundary. We are bridging the gao between the nature and comfort through our amenities. We will always be looking forward to serve you.

About the Resort

We, promoting towards Mushroom, Indreni Mushroom Resort has been established where people are having awesome time with cool and moisture environment as well as more than 80 mushroom items. We exploring to the mushrooms as well as other food items establishing as a solo resort all over Nepal. IMR always tries to provide the quality service as best as competing to all over the Chitlang area. This place has been a relief and holiday fun destination for the people with this experiencing new mushroom items of differ mushrooms, people seems a smiley face for the relief destiny.

Voice from IMR

The incipient step of choosing the right place is to identify the strength, background and facilities of the resort and as well as the environment of the locations. It is important for the people that destiny most be an amazing and awesome in every case, lodging facilities, food items as name, mostly a mushroom items and all the refreshing with fun accessories to set towards rewarding career. The quality of the management and administrative staffs also foster the Indreni Mushroom Resort to disciplined and sound destiny. Beside these factors, different activities like cam fire, barbeque, musical programs and mushroom cultivation visit are also available for the visitors. Thus, the visitors should be sanguine enough before deciding which place to choose for the best holiday plans as well different other works like meetings, AGM, party, etc.

Motto of Indreni Mushroom Resort

Indreni MushrooM Resort (IMR) references and emphasized to the mushroom items and different species. It always promotes the sayng “server the mushroom, be healthy”. Thus we are achieving the goal healthy environment with healthy foods and satisfactory hospitallity

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